You will need
  • - tape or measuring ruler;
  • pencil;
  • - hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • - jigsaw;
  • - circular saw;
  • - masking tape or Scotch tape.
Select the type of cut you want to use when processing laminated chipboard. A straight cut is used for cutting rectangular shapes used in furniture manufacturing. Some details of designer furniture, require a curved cutting. Possible and mixed way to cut chipboard.
Prepare the necessary for cutting chipboard tools. You will need a saw with small teeth or jigsaw. For cutting you can also use a circular saw if the teeth of the blade are of a suitable size. To protect the laminate from damage when cutting material, prepare masking tape or Scotch tape. For marking workpieces necessary ruler and well-sharpened pencil.
Mark on the sheet in accordance with the requirements of the finished product. Mark with a pencil or marker with the ends of the plate the point of the intended cut.
To protect slabs from chips stick to the cutting masking tape, Scotch tape or other tape with adhesive layer. Laminated particleboard is coated with melamine foil and varnish, which is applied at high temperature and pressure. The tape will protect the edges of the cut from scuffing and chipping.
After a label of masking tape connect the pencil point of the first marking.
Getting cut off, LDSP, hold the hacksaw at an acute angle to the plate surface, to make the edges more smooth. Do not try to push hard on the tool, the movement should be rhythmic and light.
If after cutting edge is smooth, the product requires no additional processing of the edges. Upon detection of irregularities treat them with a file or rasp. The ends of the plates, which was the result of the cut, paste over with an interline interval under colour of the plate surface to make the whole product additional protection and attractive appearance.