You will need
  • - personal computer with an Internet connection;
  • - Steam.
Gamers know how important the center of digital distribution. It can be used to significantly improve the basic performance of the game and make it even more interesting and exciting. The main thing is to have an Internet connection and some free time. In most cases, the update is downloaded from the network within 10 minutes.
But some of the users, this process can last about several hours. Naturally, they show their dissatisfaction and try to disable the steam forever. Unfortunately, to fully implement the intended user will fail because he will not be able to fully enjoy the game.
In addition, without regular updates steam you will have the opportunity to enjoy the game play only those games that have already been updated previously. This means that you will be closed colorful other world, the new and exciting computer entertainment. Nevertheless, there are several optimal solutions that will allow you at least to protect themselves from the much-hated steam updates.
The first option. To channel updates steam does not distract you from the gameplay, you can disable this option in settings. To do this uncheck the automatic update. But note that this will not apply to all shooters, races, quests, etc., but solely to the game where this feature has been disabled. So when you arrived online and want to use a different, not an updated toy, steam just will not give access.
A variant of the second. Play in offline mode, but be aware that in this "state" will be available exclusively previously updated with steam games. It is still recommended to constantly update steam.