If you want to disable automatic updating of pages in Mozilla Firefox, install extension Toolbar Enhancements by using search from the menu add-ons for the browser. After installation restart Mozilla Firefox and open the extension settings.
Enable Disable Meta Redirections for current tab and apply the changes. In addition to this Supplement, sushestvujut and other available extensions that customize the operation of your browser. Be extremely careful with their use, set of them the only ones that have the highest ratings.
To disable updates to the webpages in the browser Opera, go to settings and, depending on the version of the program, locate the menu item that is responsible for deactivating the updates. After applying the changes, the pageswill be updated only when pressing the corresponding button next to the address bar.
If the update of webpagess happens even after disabling this feature in the browser, open the settings menu and disable the execution of java-script, it is possible that the update is due to him. Also in some browsers the default extension is installed Refresh, deactivate it also in the same menu.
If you don't need to disable the automatic update of webpages, and you just want to read the content of any site, set your browser to the current pagess offline mode in one of the items on its menu depending on the browser version.
If the automatic update of the pages happens in Google Chrome, disable extension Auto Refresh Plus Chrome or a Reload that is available in the menu extras. Usually they are installed by the user in order to not have to perform manual updates.