You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Change the Inbox on your account of Steam if necessary. Discard all subscriptions that do not go under your account for a long time, then perhaps the administration will see fit to terminate your account, in connection with his inactivity.
To remove it you can't, this item is not provided with a control panel in communication with the security policy, as often accounts are hacked. Change the mailbox attached to your account, it is recommended to cancel mailings in the future you can make another account if the need arises.
Refer to the administration service Steam to block your account. Account moderators and administrators of the system are marked with special colors, so you are unable to confuse them with other users. Anyway, in any case do not tell anyone your login information in the Steam account, even to employees of the service, as it contradicts the rules of the resource.
Please note that the rules of Steam provided by the impossibility of sale of the account or transfer it to another person. It cannot be used in conjunction with other members, for violation of the rules provided for special measures. For these reasons, just leave the account unchanged and do not use it for a long time.
Also try to remove from your account all the data that you used to work with him, the same applies to the case when you paid for software online. When you lock the Steam account, you cannot re-use the same mailbox for the registration of a second account, so unnecessary account it is recommended to re-create the e-mail separately.