Activate Steam Guard automatically immediately after registering a new user account and the procedure of confirmation by e-mail. If you are using unregistered or has not yet activated the Steam version, access to some settings including Steam Guard, will be closed. Navigate to the General settings of Steam client and check whether your account is confirmed. If you have already had this procedure before, in front of your e-mail will be marked "Confirmed". Otherwise, confirm the email address tied to your Steam account before proceeding.
Get e-mail a special code to access the Steam client, which will act only on your computer. In the future, as soon as you turn off Steam Guard, you can run the client without having to obtain and enter the code. Launch Steam and log into your account using the resulting combination.
Click on the Steam icon in the top left corner of the program and go to "Settings". Click "Manage Steam Guard" which is under "Account". Activate the checkbox "Disable Steam Guard" and save the settings. Now the protection of your account will be deactivated. If necessary, you will be able to reactivate the function in the same section.
Think twice before you disable Steam Guard. Hacking accounts on Steam is a pretty common phenomenon, so the developers of the program is not highly recommended to deactivate the protection. However, disabling Steam Guard can affect a user's ability in various games, for example, some servers Counter Strike lowers the reputation of those players who come into the game with an unsecured account.