A letter of recommendation for a nanny should contain 2 parts: formal and informal. In the first of them shall be indicated: surname, name and patronymic of a person; the number of complete years to the nanny or the year of her birth; passport details and place of residence of the babysitter; a family; a child of what sex and age she did; that was part of her direct responsibilities.
In the informal part of the recommendation letter for the nurse describes the General impression of her personal qualities and characteristics of the relationship with the child and family members, as well as relation to work. Here you can specify how the caregiver cope with their responsibilities, for which he is praised, whether her comments.
To describe the quality and character of the nanny is better, objectively and honestly, and noting its advantages and disadvantages. Employers understand that perfect people do not exist. But too flattering recommendation can cause concern, because it can be made "to order". Therefore, if the message has a certain amount of criticism.
In a letter of recommendation for nanny must be given the reason for her departure from the family, for example: the child has grown; the need to change a nanny governess; moving to another area of the city, which the sitter was too far to travel to the child; the reasons of a personal nature.; financial or personal reasons in the family, where she worked, etc.
Very good if in the final part of the letter is written, it is recommended that this nanny to work in another family and why. It is appropriate to emphasize the professional or personal qualities which the employer considers most valuable.
A letter of recommendation for a nanny must end contact data of the employer: surname, name and patronymic, phone number (this can be a room home or mobile phone). Such data are needed for representatives of recruiting agencies or employers can call and verify some information about the nanny. If this is not done, the recommendation will not be taken seriously.
Best of all, if a recommendation letter will fit on one sheet. For this purpose it is desirable to write simply and specifically, for example: "the children liked the nanny cooked food" etc. is a Good recommendation will allow the sitter in the future to find a paying job, because this is its main advantage when applying to a recruitment Agency.