The highest authority to protect the Russians from the tyranny of officials, is the President of the Russian Federation. On the official website of the President there is a special section devoted to citizens ' requests. Here the visitor must fill in a form in which you want to specify personal (surname, name, patronymic) and contact details to reply (address, phone, email). Of course, to fill in the questionnaire fields only need accurate information, not misrepresenting personal information and avoiding errors.

Then you can move on to writing electronic applications. For the text placement is a special form. The amount of writing is limited, but quite sufficient for quick complaints. An indispensable condition for consideration is the presence of a clearly formulated question or claim. As proof of their own innocence, the citizen can attach electronic copies of documents and audio or video files.

Over the course of the complaint can be seen on the same website under "my account". The entrance to it is carried out for a given citizen password. A final response will be sent to the recipient by email or traditional mail.

The Internet portal of the Government of the Russian Federation also provides the opportunity to send an appeal. Rules for posting a complaint similar to those prevailing on the Kremlin website. Putting basic information about yourself, the citizen can summarized the complaints against the officials.

Employees of the government of Russia will consider the e-mail. Then he was sent to the Federal Executive body responsible for making decisions on a particular issue. The Complainant will be notified about the progress of his question. Upon expiration of the term of consideration of appeals under law, the citizen will receive a final response.

To complain to the staff specific areas, such as education, health, etc., on the official website of the relevant Ministry. You can find it by using any search engine. Requirements for registration emails simple. Read the rules, fill in the form, the citizen prints in a special form, the text of the complaint. For example, you can have a look at the page hits of the website of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation.

To report cases of corruption and other violations and abuses committed by officials at various levels can be directly to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. On the website of the Department created the Internet, working in real-time. The appeal will be reviewed by prosecutors or sent for review and decision to the competent state structures. Within a month the actions of officials will be given proper legal assessment. About results of check to the citizen who filed the complaint, I will inform you in writing.

And finally, to speak about the activities of employees of regional bodies of Executive power and local self-government on the website of the regional administration. Today the majority of governors have permanent Internet reception, are the official and unofficial blogs. Their addresses can be found via a search engine or learn directly in the Secretariat of the regional administration. Such electronic applications will be considered on a common basis.