Business attitude.
Throw away all emotions, although it is sometimes quite difficult. In a state of excitement and keyed you are unlikely to write the text that your recipient will want to read. Most likely, the letter will turn chaotic. Take the idea, try to build in my head all what want to say and then your message will be logical, informative and specific. The chances that it will not leave without attention, increase a hundredfold.
There are certain rules of formatting official letters. Try to at least partially fulfill them. In the upper corner of the letter, place a short text – who is the addressee of the letter. For example:
Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation A. A. Fursenko.
Below you can name another recipient (for greater reliability). For example:
Copy. Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation M. V. Dulinov.
That is, you will know that a copy of your letter will be sent to the Deputy Minister.
Valid here below named contacts, to identify from whom the actual letter. From a group of teachers of MOU SOSH №1 of Moscow (the sheet with the names and signatures attached). Or: From Ivanova A. A., residing at: (full address). However, you can put the data sender and at the end of the letter.
After this "cap" follows the main text. Given that the eye of any person (and the Minister is no exception) is easier secures the top, i.e. the initial part of the text, we must try that in the first few lines was the essence of your message.
Requirements to the main text. There are five of them: the clarity (intelligibility), conciseness (brevity), completeness (completeness), tact (courtesy), literacy. Try to fulfill all the requirements, it is not so difficult, but your letter will be very positive. Complete text of the letter put it as "sincerely, a group of teachers of school №...", "sincerely, Ivanova, Anna Antonovna". Further, date and signature.