Make a wooden form for pouring the wax. To do this, please be a piece of dry aspen trees or any other tree. Cut from a cone having a length of 20 cm with a diameter of widest part 2 cm and a narrow base of 0.5 cm For convenience, the cone is better to leave the branch, which will serve as the holder. Such a handle is better to make with the broad side of your workpiece.
From sellers buy honey beeswax and then melt it in a small frying pan or a water bath. If it is not possible to buy natural ingredients, take and melt the same way an ordinary paraffin candle.
Cut strips of cotton or linen cloth with a length of 50 cm and a width of 5 cm. Holding the ribbon by one end, carefully dip it into hot wax and wait until they saturated the whole fabric. Wooden cone plentifully grease with sunflower oil, so that later it was easier to remove the finished candle.
Wax-impregnated tape wrap wooden pattern tightly in a spiral so there are no gaps between turns. If necessary, paper over the cracks with wax using a small brush. The resulting let the candle cool down and try to quietly remove it from the stencil. Should get a kind of hollow tube. As a preset you can use such handy tools, like a thick knitting needle or pencil. And in the finished wax or paraffin to enhance the therapeutic effects, you can put a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus or fir.
Remember that the application is contraindicated in the ear damaged eardrum, purulent discharge from the ear, injured the external auditory canal, tumor processes of any localization, allergies to bee products and essential oils. Before you start treatment, consult a doctor.