You will need
  • the basis for candles (wax, paraffin);
  • wick;
  • the shape of the candle;
  • - microwave oven or stove;
  • - black wax crayons;
  • oil.
As the main ingredient of candles you can use paraffin or beeswax. Paraffin is made from an ordinary household candle. Buy a few pieces of candles. If you still have the unused stubs, they can also be of great use. Chop them with a knife or grate on a coarse grater, removing the wick. Beeswax is easy to find on the honey market. Choose a wax color. White wax is the highest quality.
Prepare the form for future candles. It can be made from plastic bottles, cans, or syringe. Most preferred the last two options, as the plastic can deform under the influence of hot wax. If you chose as a syringe, cut off his edge, to which is connected the needle. Then pull out the plunger. The size of syringe will depend on the length of the candle. In order to make the shape of the cans, it should be cut. You have to obtain a flat plate of sheet metal. Turn her neat tube. The completed form is grease inside with oil. This is necessary to ensure that the finished candle can be easily separated from the form.
Make the wick. You can use multiple threads, braided in a plait, or the wicks of household candles.
Melt the basis. If you have a microwave, place it in a ceramic container. Turn on the oven and wait until the base is heated to a liquid state. In the absence of the microwave, the wax can be melted in a water bath. Put on fire a metal container filled with water. Install it the capacity smaller. It should be prepared the base for the candles. After a while the base will melt.
Liquid Foundation pour prepared earlier, black wax crayons for drawing. They can be purchased in the store for children's creativity. Crayons pre-ground with a fine grater. Stir hot until until crayons are completely dissolved. Also as a dye you can use pencil lead for the eyes and food coloring, but wax crayons are best suited for these purposes.
Install vertically in the form of candles in a bowl of sand. Put the wick in the mold and secure it so that it is in the middle of the form. Carefully pour into it the molten basis. After the wax cools, the candle can be removed. Cut the free end of the wick to the desired length and let the candle cool.