Specify the problem. It must exist in the present and not in past or future. Articulate specifically, avoiding the use of unnecessary words. To try to address global problems, which affect almost impossible ("global warming", "lack of spirituality of society", etc.).
The wording of the problem
Make a list of interested persons. It is necessary to identify all participants who are directly or indirectly related to this issue. For this you need to answer the following questions. To whom this problem has the greatest impact? Who will be directly involved in solving the problem? What organizations or groups of people can influence the course of the work? Install how that, or the other person depends on the problem.
The list of stakeholders
Start to build the problem tree. It consists of three parts: roots, trunk and crown. The roots are the causes, because of which the problem occurred. They are responsible for its existence. If to eliminate them, the problem will disappear. Barrel – wording. Krone is any consequences that caused the problem. First draw the trunk.
Next, you need to paint the roots. First, write down all the reasons that arise in the course of brainstorming. Then group them and specify the relationship. Try to find the maximum number of "roots" because their decision will have a major impact.
Last paragraph – chart. Identify the direct points of contact, problems and consequences. Then, observe what kind of negative impact can be provided, that is, down to the level below. Continue to do this up until the consequences are still within the scope of the problem.