Advice 1: How to create a playlist of the most popular players

Quite often users want to play using a player not just any individual music track or video clip, audio or video files from the same folder. And they are interested in a number of specific media files from different collections and directories that are located on your hard drive or on external media. In this case, it is advisable to create a playlist that assembles the necessary blocks. This procedure each player has its own characteristics.

How to create a playlist in Windows Media Player

In "regular" Windows media player playlist formation takes place in several steps:

1. Enter the tab "media Library", choose the option "Create play list and open the dialog box.

2. Without closing the player, included in Windows Explorer via menu "start".

3. Select the desired files in various folders, drag them with the mouse in the playlist Windows Media Player.

4. With dialog box, which is on the right, perform the desired operation – save the playlist in a specific folder, rename or edit the list of files set the playback options, delete playlist.

How to create a playlist in Winamp

The popular player Winamp to create a playlist using the menu bar or the icons of the program:

1. Go to the tab "View" and mark with the mouse the option "playlist Editor", and then before us there is a window of the future playlist.

2. Enter in the "File" tab and load in the playlist of interest to us media from specific folders.

3. Using the menu do the settings as needed – defined the top of the list, set the playback options, debug visualizations, and much more.

4. Saved playlist by using the corresponding option in the tab "File".

5. Similar actions are easy to perform using the icons in the playlist window.

How to create a playlist in AIMP Classic

In AIMP Classic to make a playlist even easier. To do this, use buttons on the program panel:

1. The big round button with three black dashes opens the playlist window.

2. The "+" button helps to download files from folders, playlists, links to radio stations and stuff.

3. Button in the lower right corner of the playlist window with the diskette allows you to save the playlist in a particular place.

The advantage of AIMP Classic that you can work with multiple playlists.

Advice 2 : How to create a playlist on the player

Sometimes in certain models of portable players is very difficult to understand the settings of play music, because they are all different and have their own characteristics, but instructions are not always clear.
How to create a playlist on the player
You will need
  • player;
  • - software to player;
  • - Windows Media player.
If you have a Samsung player, then create a playlistand go to the menu item "Music" search and select songs you want to add to the list of playback through artists, genres, albums, etc.
In the list of tracks, click to add the selected files, the top right button, click on the menu item "add to playlist". Repeat this for the other compositions. Depending on the model of the portable device, you can create different number of lists play.
If you have a player manufacturer Sony, then connect the device to the computer using the USB cable that is supplied with the equipment. Open all available music content using Windows Media player, select the menu item "Create list playback". After that add the desired files to the playlist by saving it to the player in the appropriate folder under a certain name. Please note that this feature is available only units of Sony models, most of them simply do not support the playback of playlists.
If you have an iPod, then create a list of playback in iTunes mode connected to a computer a portable device. Playlist created by mark a tick on the tab "Music".
If you have a regular player hardware controller without a screen, then create playlists by copying the music to a folder “Playlists” when the machine is connected to the computer. This function is not supported by all portable devices to playback music.
Many modern models of portable players support the format of playback .m3u, to do this, open the device as a removable disk, create using regular music player on the computer playlist with the appropriate extension, and place it in the appropriate folder.
Settings may vary in different models, despite the similarity of menu.
Useful advice
Make adding files to the playlist only from the final paragraph of finding music, if you later change its location, it will be removed from the playlist automatically.
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