You will need
  • - the statement in local administration;
  • - passport with residence permit;
  • - the decision of the administration.
Contact the administration of the district where you want to land. Write a statement. Present your Russian passport with local registration. Plot you can choose yourself or which part will be issued will be decided by the administration. If you want to get the vacant land, it first will check to whom it was provided.
If the land is claimed by several people, that will be held auction, the beginning of which you will be notified. The plots provided in the course of the auction, have a cadastral number and a passport. For the duration of construction of individual houses you will be given the land on lease. The administration will make a decision about granting land plot, which will include the terms of the lease. After the specified period you have to enter the house in operation and to buy land for 2.5% of the cadastral value. That is, the price of land will be purely symbolic.
If you want to get land ownership, that this may be done by order of the administration. In this case, all the cadastral documents of land you have to arrange at his own expense.
For registration of the cadastral passport call engineer on cadastre of the land Committee. He will hold a list of required works and will give you the technical documents that you'll register the land Committee will receive an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. Make the received documents and copies back to the local administration. You will be given a decision on granting land ownership absolutely free of charge or for a fee.
Please contact the Office of the registration centre, write an application, submit all the documents. Your property rights register.
But everything is so simple only in regions with a low population and with a huge amount of vacant land. In the big cities and in the suburbs of Metropolitan areas to obtain land much more difficult. Land can be a queue that stretched for several years. And in the auctions will have to participate more than once, as wanting to get parts a lot, and vacant territories are very small.
About who has the right to obtain free land and out of the lineup or in the first place, see the link for additional resources.