Contact the administration of your area with the statement for granting to you of the land area of 10 acres. Do not forget to specify the purpose of use of the land. To register this document, you will need to present a passport with a local residence permit. What you give will decide the administration, although you can take the initiative in the choice.
Then the parcel will be auctioned. Wait one month and this period of time will be required to ensure that all possible applicants for this land was able to apply for participation in the auction. If wishing to appear, the administration will appoint a trading day, on which you will be notified. The plots put for auction, already have a cadastral number and a passport.
Take part in the auction to obtain the right to lease land.
Will receive from the administration a decision on granting a land plot, which will include lease terms and the possibility of extension.
If you decide to obtain the right of ownership to land, then immediately start the construction of a residential house provided to you on the site, to complete which should be within three years.
At the end of this period complete a new cadastral passport, which call the engineer from the land Committee. He will prepare all technical documents for registration. Then get an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. Make photocopies of the received documents and have them notarized.
Contact the administration, a statement on the granting of land ownership. Attach copies of all documents. After reviewing the documents you will receive a decree, according to which the land will go into your property free of charge or upon payment of a fee (not more than 2.5% of the cadastral value).
Submit all documents to the maintenance service to register the right to property.