You will need
  • - electronic scanner,
  • - stand for testing and adjusting of fuel equipment.
Diesel engines of old were equipped with a fuel high-pressure pump (injection pump), in which the number of sections is directly dependent on the number of cylinders in the engine. Each section of fuel injection pump provided fuel injector of a specific cylinder.
With the introduction of electronic control injection system, new engine (CDI) were equipped with motor-jets, the opening of the atomizer which is a command processor. So the masters no longer need to install the ignition timing and the engine became much easier to maintain.
Symptoms that indicate disturbances in the fuel supply system, is the emergence of black smoke in the exhaust. Increased smoke is a result of incomplete combustion of the fuel mixture supplied to the cylinder injector.
To proceed with the repair after the first of such signs, in any case impossible. Therefore, in the shortest possible time, the vehicle needs to visit the dealership and have diagnostics. During scanning the service engineer will identify the problem using the tester.
If the failure occurred in the electrical part of the motor-injector, which changes the stepper motor. But in those cases when the electronic components operate normally and smoothly, all injectors removed from the engine and delivered to the repair of the fuel equipment, which will check on booth mechanical part and, in case of detection of faulty nozzles, replace them.
From now on, the motorist should replace the fuel and air filters, and the car will be able to overcome more than one hundred thousand kilometers without repair.