Advice 1: How do you set the ignition at KAMAZ

Diesel engine, ignition of the fuel mixture which is solely due to the compression and pressure in the working cylinder, is very sensitive to the injection timing, calls "ignition." Simplicity of design, reliability and durability of such engines has gained its rightful respect in the professional community of motorists.
How do you set the ignition at KAMAZ
You will need
  • - car KAMAZ,
  • - the fuel high-pressure pump,
  • - metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm, a length of 30-40 cm,
  • spanner, 17 mm.
Despite the simplicity of the design of the diesel engine, components of its fuel injection equipment are high-precision instruments, and while the injection pump mount V-shaped type on the motor requires excellent determine the angle of injection timing, injector of diesel fuel to the working cylinder on the compression stroke. Error price of one degree can cause the output of the power unit from the system and entail the holding of major repair.
Technology installation of the fuel high-pressure pump with simultaneous installation angle of the injection timing is the following sequence of actions:

raise the cab and lock the latch into a supporting stand

on the left side of the engine, on top, in back, look on the casing of the casing of a flywheel is a mechanical device, the stock of which is necessary to lift and rotate 90 degrees, and then lowered into the housing slot;

- from the bottom of the machine casing flywheel key 17 mm remove the two bolts and remove the splash shield;

- insert the metal rod through the slot of the casing in the hole of the flywheel and rotate the engine crankshaft from left to right as long as the stock retainer on top will not block its further movement;

- check the position of the drive shaft of the fuel pump, located in the collapse of the engine block (top);

in the case where the drive coupler fuel pump setup turned the dial up, then align the zero mark of the drive with the notch on the flange of the fuel pump and tighten the two mounting bolts;

otherwise, the stopper is raised, and the crankshaft of the engine rotates for one turn, and then re-execute the above steps.
After tightening of the bolts drive coupling flange injection pump, lock the flywheel goes up, turns 90 degrees and descends in the groove. At the bottom of the flywheel housing is installed the splash shield. After that, the cab of the truck is lowered, the clamps are raised to the upper position.

Advice 2: How to set injection timing on diesel

After replacing the timing belt or the fuel high-pressure pump (injection pump) on the diesel engine is often a problem with search tags for which you want to set the injection pump pulley. Its incorrect position leads to late delivery of fuel and improper engine operation. To avoid this, you must act a proven way.
How to set injection timing on diesel
First of all Unscrew from the injector of the first cylinder of the engine the pressure. Put it in a transparent plastic tube so that it was pointing up, and could plainly see the fuel level and filled it. The tube should have a good hold on the nozzle. To fix, use a screw clamp. Fuel should not leak!
Remove the timing belt (timing belt), fuel pump and ignition on. Start to scroll through the pulley high-pressure pump via any key. You need to twist until the tube will not rise the incoming fuel. Then smoothly and slowly rotate the pump pulley, carefully watching the fuel level in the tube.
As soon as you notice a fluctuation of fuel level in the tube, it will mean the beginning of the entrance to the nozzle. At this point (this is the time of injection) should stop the rotation of the pulley and apply the label. You can then put under this label the pulleys of the crankshaft and the camshaft. Aligning the marks, install the timing belt.
Before you try to start the engine, do not forget to screw the pressure line to the injector on the first cylinder that you previously removed.
To save yourself from the hassle to find and install the injection timing, in any action associated with removal of timing belt (belt change or pump injection pump, engine repair, etc.), install the crankshaft pulley on the factory label, and if it is not visible, apply paint marks, pre-clearing the pulley.
Useful advice
If you replace the timing belt had to remove the pump, turning it on, you can set the timing more accurately. But if the pump was not removed, and the injection was previously exposed, rotate the injection pump should not be.
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