Start searching for Manager cargo monitoring sites where candidates place their CVS. It portals such as,, Their network is widespread throughout Russia. Register there as an employer. In the search bar, type the name of the desired positions. Specify age, gender, education, experience. The site will give a list of all announcements of job search with appropriate parameters. Get in touch with each candidate and talk on the phone. The last correspondence interview and make an appointment. Be forewarned, what documents people need to bring.
In addition to self-search of candidates for the vacant position, place on these sites the offer of cooperation. Interested applicants will send resume to left in the text of the vacancy email address. To immediately weed out unsuitable contingent, specify the selection parameters. For example, the possession of special computer programs, availability of own base of trucks, knowledge of foreign language. Specify the level of wages. Inform about the work schedule.
At the interview ask the candidate to tell you what duties he performed at the previous workplace. Did he search for carriers or just coordinated routes. Ask how many years he stayed in this position. Why did you leave the previous company. What salary counts.
If you have a psychologist, ask him to test the applicant. Features that must be present in the person applying for the position of Manager for the cargo is:
- balance and non-conflict ability to find a compromise (have to work with different groups of people, you need to find approach to every);

- ability to analyze large amounts of information (routes a lot and everyone needs to keep in mind that in emergency to help the driver).
Additionally, if you want to create a database on cargo, candidate must be confident and be able to establish contacts with strangers.
Finding a suitable applicant, assign a probationary period. If you see that a person copes with its responsibilities, it can be reduced. If expectations are not met, you have the right to dismiss the employee within three working days.