To give exposure about the freight that will reach the target audience, do some market research. You need to find out which sites are mostly visited by those who are looking for heavy trucks. It can be just a free ad portals or specialized sites that charge to post information about services carriers. You can ask the portals statistics, and factor in the effectiveness of different types of ads.
After you have selected one or several websites, write ad. It clearly indicate what services are provided. Describe the tonnage of vehicles and indicate whether you carry the goods over long distances. If you have additional options - protection of cargo forwarding support, preparation of documents for transportation - all mark in the ad. At the end add contact phone number and email address. If you have your own website - and enter it.
The message will post on the website free of ads themselves, and paid the portal send administration. Usually the cost of accommodation includes the services of a proofreader, as well as the particular positioning of the message. And administration of the sites publishing such ads myself.
Update your ad on a free site every week, then you will always be in the first lines of search. On paid sites is included in the price, moving ads automatically once a week, a fortnight, once a month. It all depends on what subscription package you have paid for.
In addition to the sites, place advertisements in professional journals devoted to transportation. This is especially effective if you have a large company where there are a lot of different machines. The larger the magazine ads, the better. And remember that work well advertising modules placed on the right page in the right upper corner. There first falls the sight of the reader when he takes a magazine.