The easiest and most affordable option is to find vacancies in your city. Typically, truck drivers are required in almost all companies specializing or dealing with the delivery of bulky cargo. Equally it could be a taxi truck, and the company, whose responsibilities include the delivery of the goods – home appliances, food base, as well as extraction and processing. When looking for a job in the city note is not just for ads about vacancies, but also on the "yellow page" telephone directories firms. Method calls to companies listed in these directories, you can easily find the availability of jobs.
If you have your own truck, you can qualify for jobs in large cities – for example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Having your own truck will significantly increase your chances of getting your desired job. In this case, the search pattern is exactly the same as in your town, but you can also use specialized websites dedicated to job search, for example, Finding the right vacancy, be sure to specify that you are from out of town, otherwise, if this fact will emerge will be a problem, you risk to waste your time.
Pay special attention to job work in shifts. One of the most sought after positions is a job driving a cargo vehicle. Job watch has a number of advantages – the salary is much higher, and the costs of accommodation and meals incurred by the employer. However, in this case there are a number of pitfalls that should be avoided. Often job watch publish scammers, exposing the limited information in which, however, very well written fabulous amount of salary. To get this job, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money. Do not succumb to provocations, agencies who hire for other companies, the workers in shifts, get paid from these same companies.