Advice 1: How to find client for transportation

The freight market today is highly competitive and a significant increase in demand during the high season. Despite the fact that companies that provide services for the delivery of goods, quite a lot, the newly opened firm can find its niche. Excellent quality, competitive prices and a professional approach to recruitment and retention of new customers – key factors for the success of such company.
How to find client for transportation
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • database;
  • - letterhead.
Find any major reference book or electronic database companies that may need freight services. Select companies with whom you plan to contact. Hover on each of them the brief to be clearer about the specifics of the work.
Specify one or several unique offerings that will be beneficial to distinguish your company from your competitors. For example, develop a system of discounts for regular customers or enter a free loading works.
Make a standard offer on company letterhead. Concisely and succinctly describe the essence of the appeal, specify the main packages and the types of cargo that you are carrying out. Be sure to include in the text of your main competitive advantages.
Send commercial proposal on the selected enterprises. After a certain time, call each company to determine whether your appeal. In the course of a short conversation you will be able to understand whether the firm is in need of your services. Try to make conversation so that interest of the client and to have the opportunity later to remind myself again.
Analyze the market of thematic media in your city. Try to advertise about their services in the most promising media. For example, in a small town for the company that provides services of private transportation, more relevant ads in the popular newspaper than advertising in a large business publication.
Create corporate business card. Add the information about existing modes of transport, tariffs and the types of work performed. Make the online ordering of transportation services. So potential customers can much faster use your suggestions.

Advice 2: How to open a business of transportation from scratch

Ever-changing market crises, the successive closure of enterprises makes enterprising people to seek new opportunities for earnings. It is possible to organize a business from scratch transportation. This market is very promising, logistics services are always in demand.
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The types of cargo

The rapidly growing market of network marketing leads to rapid growth in the number of enterprises and organizations engaged in cargo transportation. Despite the competition, with the right approach to business organization, even a beginner will be able to settle here and get a good profit. Of course, any business is risky, so it's important to approach the organization of the business of transportation in a creative and very responsible, to assess its commercial capacity, opportunities for development, to seek funding for seed capital and a professional business plan of transportation.

Most profitable kind of business freight prices which are significantly above average for the market, these include international and domestic flights. However to organize from scratch a business is very difficult – the higher prices for transportation, the more stringent requirements and technical conditions to be met by the firm and documentation on technical means. For a beginner entrepreneur it is better to start small – organize the business on cargo transportation on the Gazelle on their city.

Services for the carriage of furniture, goods for the shops are quite popular, it does not require large investments. Will be quite sufficient to have one or two gazelles, to find a Manager for collecting applications, driver, and you can start working. However, it is desirable to write a business plan of transportation, which will include all the overhead – it will not operate at a loss.


Before cargo close, you need to register with the tax authority a certificate on the right to engage in this activity – otherwise the activity will be considered illegal, it threatens big trouble. Will need to prepare and include on the following documents:

  • write a statement in the prescribed form;
  • to pay the state duty;
  • apply INN, passport and receipt of payment.

The statement should give a receipt to the inspector on. Ready OGRN certificate can be obtained after 5 working days, upon presentation of a receipt. This document serves as a basis for the commencement of work.

Reports and statistics

You will then need to open a Bank account and register in the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund as an employer – in that case, if you plan to attract employees. In those funds will have to submit quarterly reports certifying payment of insurance contributions. To start inexpensive transportation to Moscow or any other city, these documents are enough. It remains to find customers and work diligently, offering quality services.

International shipping: what you need to organize

If the company wants to enter the international market, it must obtain the appropriate license from the Ministry of transport in their region. For this you need to attach documents to suit the current standards and needs qualified personnel.

What to pay attention before you create a business of transportation

  1. The first step is to analyze the market, evaluate its potential and the opportunity to find your customer, find out the average market prices for transportation.
  2. Deciding a primary task, it is advisable to get acquainted with companies-future competitors – it is possible that they have their own "chips" that can be useful: they offer inexpensive transportation, provide additional services, they are of high quality.
  3. Under favorable circumstances their customers may well be your this will be possible with the right advertising policy, significant business acumen and victory in the competition. For this it is necessary to carefully analyse the similar companies.

Word of mouth and fair competition

Of course, opportunities for active business development of freight (as well as the commercial ability and financial capacity) are different and just copying the ideas here will be ineffective and inappropriate. Besides honesty and integrity at all times play a major role in relation to clients. Hearing about the dishonesty of the company in respect of customers and competitors will quickly distributed to stakeholders – this will cause distrust, and as a consequence – outflow of clientele, even if you bid on their freight prices to dumping levels.

Large companies always value the opinions of our partners and customers – is a significant factor that cannot be discounted. It is the "word of mouth" is recognized as the most effective advertising, so it is important the first opinion of the client need to satisfy and advise your company to their friends. For this it is possible to hold a launch event, offering the first customer a substantial discount, inexpensive transportation, additional services for loading and unloading, etc. At first, it is possible to apply to newspaper ads offering his services in the future, you can create a website with the offer of its services and customer feedback.

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