You will need
  • - Internet;
  • database;
  • - letterhead.
Find any major reference book or electronic database companies that may need freight services. Select companies with whom you plan to contact. Hover on each of them the brief to be clearer about the specifics of the work.
Specify one or several unique offerings that will be beneficial to distinguish your company from your competitors. For example, develop a system of discounts for regular customers or enter a free loading works.
Make a standard offer on company letterhead. Concisely and succinctly describe the essence of the appeal, specify the main packages and the types of cargo that you are carrying out. Be sure to include in the text of your main competitive advantages.
Send commercial proposal on the selected enterprises. After a certain time, call each company to determine whether your appeal. In the course of a short conversation you will be able to understand whether the firm is in need of your services. Try to make conversation so that interest of the client and to have the opportunity later to remind myself again.
Analyze the market of thematic media in your city. Try to advertise about their services in the most promising media. For example, in a small town for the company that provides services of private transportation, more relevant ads in the popular newspaper than advertising in a large business publication.
Create corporate business card. Add the information about existing modes of transport, tariffs and the types of work performed. Make the online ordering of transportation services. So potential customers can much faster use your suggestions.