Find out how big the demand of taxi services in your city. Keep in mind when compiling the business plan all the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. In addition, please note that the drivers are not the most organized staff, especially because many of them will work for you part-time.
Register a legal entity. Specify in the Charter of the organization of several activities (for a further expansion of the list of services due to high competition).
Will sign agreements with local operators to provide services or hire for the first time a room with a dedicated multi-channel telephone call center. In addition, you can also work as information centre for your chosen program-Manager. In the form field order, the operator will enter the data (date, car number, driver name, etc.), to determine the route and monitor the location of occupied and free drivers. The program must be installed on their cell phones. If you have such expenses is not affordable, use at first the radio.
If you decide to work independently from the call centers, look for a room, instrument lockers controllers. Purchase all the necessary equipment (computers, phones, office equipment) and consumables.
Calculate the service rates. If you are planning along with a private carrier to render delivery service, will sign the contract with the relevant enterprises and retail outlets to ensure uninterrupted customer service. Specify rates for shipping services and in case, if the client wants, the driver just brought him from the store set of products.
Place ads in the media about the hiring of dispatchers and drivers of private cars. Of course, if possible you can rent the car Park and then invite employees to work on them. But this way is more costly and also requires high driving skills and responsibility from drivers. Hire dispatchers. Swipe them with psychological testing. Conclude employment contracts with employees. For the first time the drivers have to work at interest rates from completed orders. And only after the trial period you can translate their solid salary. Learn to use the program (if you decide to implement in your company modern technologies).
Place in the media advertising his taxi service. Agree with advertising Agency on production of business cards, leaflets, posters.