You will need
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - database of enterprises;
  • - your own website.
Cargo transportation by "GAZelle"— the field is quite dynamic and in order to always have the orders needed to keep up with the times. To do this you not only need to own a truck, but the right information.
Spend monitoring the surrounding area. Collect information about all enterprises, factories, offices, shops. If they require your services, if the dimensions of the machine under load, which they need to deliver. Try to find out under what conditions and with whom they work. Analyze whether you will be able to work on such terms or offer more favorable. Create your own database for all prospective owners of your city. This will help you in further work.
Get directions to each of the companies (potential clients), then after receiving the order you will be able with minimum cost to get from one point to another. Not always a truck is passed for example to a closed city, and the "GAZelle" in this case, you will be able to obtain an entry permit.
Make competent commercial offer price and send them via the message boards on the Internet. And also send such proposals to potential customers from your database. Compose and post announcements to provide services of cargo transportation by car GAZelle. Give such ads in local Newspapers.
Create your own card website which will describe your services, price on all types of shipping and your contact details. Prepare a short but memorable text about why you need to cooperate and not your competitors. Find specialists who will create a website and engage in its promotion. Create the opportunity to provide the online services (communication and correspondence with potential customers, answering questions, consulting).
Sign up on sites that are seeking goods for carriers to GAZelle, keep in touch with colleagues, chat on the discussion forums, portals, place where your commercial offer (if permitted by the rules of the resource).