The volume of heat consumption in a month depends on installed in your house obschedomovye counters of the account of thermal energy and water or not. If they are, then expect the cost of heat and hot water in their indexes. If there is no such counters, a calculation to determine the norms of consumption of heat, which set the tariff Commission.
Note that the standards for the consumption of thermal energy developed by groups of buildings, taking into account the same design and technical parameters. In each house there is a norm of heat consumption per square meter of total area per month. This takes into account such parameters as the year of building construction, number of storeys, number of entrances. These standards are adjusted every year. Depending on consumption, which determines the power supplying organization, the amount may slightly increase or decrease.
To independently calculate the cost for heating for your home, multiply the size of the heat tariff on the consumption rate in this type of building and the size of the apartment.
And for calculation of the tariff for hot water, take the rate for thermal energy and multiply it by the standard of consumption required for heating 1 cubic meter of water and of the water meter for water consumption.
If your apartment is not metered, then is his testimony normative use hot water consumption per person and multiply by the number living in the apartment. In the calculation for heating, heat supply organizations used a somewhat different methodology.
According to the resolution, if you have a communal counter heat metering, to calculate a monthly payment in the current year, use average monthly amounts of heat consumption for the previous year.
To calculate the volumes of heat consumption, divide the annual testimony of communal counter for 12 months. The amount that is received, divide by total area of the house. This figure (the amount of heat per 1 m2) multiply by the total area of their premises.
Note that the recalculation of payments for heating for the residents of a particular house is made only on behalf of the management of the organization.