Fill out timesheet on a daily basis, that is, record all of the attendance and absenteeism. In that case, if the employee has not appeared on a workplace, do not hurry to put "NN", that is failing for unclear reasons. Wait for his appearance, maybe he'll give you sick leave.
If you are monitoring at T-12, it will fix not only the appearance and non-appearance, but expect to pay.
Start filling the form with "caps". Write the name of your company and structural divisions. Specify the sequence number of the document, the date of and for the reporting period.
Continue filling in the table. You will see that it consists of 17 graphs in each of which you need to enter information. If not – put a dash.
Specify the record number, name of employee and his position. In the next column write the personnel number that was assigned to him when applying for a job.
You will see columns that will be broken by the number of days in the month, each cell will be split in half. This is done to ensure that, in addition to the number of hours you specified code, for example, if the employee worked on a weekday, in the specified column code "01"; when a business trip – "06"; when overtime work – "04", etc.
At the end of the month summarize, that is, count the number of hours worked per month, overtime, night, holiday. Also specify the number of absences to work, and write about the reasons.
After filling the first section, sign it at the head, HR employee and check number.
Continue completing section 2. To do this, for each employee enter the information: personnel number, wage rate, number of hours worked or days of payment. Calculate the total amount of wages.
In the following table you have to sum up for all employees. Here, specify the number of; count metrics such as person-days, person-hours, person-downtime. Next, write the total number of appearances and absences at work, make reasons for absences and indicate the number of employees in General. Sign the form and give it for signature to the head.