You will need
  • - table T-12 or T-13;
  • - 1C.
The time sheet in your enterprise must complete an authorized officer, which assign the order. Keep a table without errors and corrections, as it is a document not only of the account of working hours of each employee, but shall be presented for tax and statistical statements.
You can fill any form of time sheet. Unified form T-12 is designed not only for tracking time but also to account for employee benefits, section 2 remuneration may be left blank. Form T-13 is only for time tracking. All timesheet details you can enter in the program 1C.
Mark in the table the leave for pregnancy and childbirth leave or leave associated with the adoption of a child-letter code "P" or code number "14". Leave to care for a child up to three years "coolant" or "15". Sick list – "B" or "19". If the temporary incapacity associated with electrical injury, care for a child or sick family members, and also with the quarantine that appear in the chart of letter code "T" or a digital code "20".
If you do not know the reasons for missing employee, you have the right to leave blanks to determine the cause of absence or put a letter code "NN" or number is "30" which implies unclear the reason for the absence.
The correctness of the schedule may verify the employment or tax. Tax check not only the correctness of the number or letter codes, but the data presented correlate with the estimated payroll. Discrepancies in these documents threaten huge administrative fines, as saying that not only accrued wages incorrectly, but incorrectly withheld and deducted taxes (article 120 of the RF Tax code and article 5.27 of the Cao RF).