The name of your pet should be easy to repeat, beautiful and sonorous. Dogs are much better get used to short names, as characterized by a particular combination of sounds. It is best if the nickname will contain one syllable. For example, Thunder, Troy, Imp, Rex, etc.
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In the gripe of the dog, you need to consider and its character. If your puppy is playful, soft and affectionate, you choose his name with deaf consonants: Leah, Tisha, Kay, BOS, Colt, not to irritate the ears of the pet.
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Puppies are by nature purposeful and brisk you need to find a serious name. The nickname must match the character of the dog, namely, to be strong and strong-willed. Usually this combination of sounds convey to voiced consonants. Nicknames: Tor, Gerda, Ryan, Squirrel.
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In dogs, a pit bull mix quite a wide range of color, so the names of these dogs can be chosen in accordance with the color of their hair. Black dog can be given nicknames: black agate, Schwartz, Pirate Storm. Dog with bright color suitable names: Weiss, white, silver, Jasmine, ice. Pit bulls are often circulated among brown color, depending on the intensity of the color, you can pick up nicknames: Almond, Walnut, brown, Ginger, red.
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A lot of options for the dog name can be found in the Handbook of ancient mythology. At least remember the names of the gods: Mars, mercury, Hades, Zeus etc. If you do not find anything suitable, then you can simply arm themselves with a foreign dictionary, it will help you choose the sonorous and beautiful name for your dog.
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Because pit bull is an American breed, the selection of the names to pay attention to the names of famous American actors. For example, name the dog: brad (brad pitt), Richard (Richard Gere), Tyler (Liv Tyler), Ben (Ben Affleck), Kurt (Kurt Russell), etc.