The sooner you begin the education of the pit bull, the better. Little puppy carefully absorbs all what he wants to convey to his master. He remembers the team for life, he had no desire to disobey them.
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The training is carried out with a hungry puppy. The only way he will listen carefully and will refuse to work. The first thing that must learn a pet - name. Show the dog a treat and call, calling the name. When a pit bull will run up, praise and give the treat. In that order. This is done in order to further train the puppy is expected in the first place praise. A treat will be encouraged only exceptional services.
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The second thing you need to teach your puppy a pit bull - the team "fu" or "no". Puppies fighting breeds to start early to be aggressive. First in games, then reacting to external stimuli - running children, cats, loud screaming people. If you don't want a pit bull someone hurt, from childhood to teach him that "fu" or "impossible" orders, which are binding. Instilled this skill. As soon as you see a puppy that shows aggression or makes what is prohibited to him, go, stop, push on the tailbone, so he sat down, and firmly say "EW" or "no". Hold the dog, pressing your tailbone toward the floor, 30-40 seconds. Strictly looking at the puppy and repeat the command. Release. If he returned to the thrown thing - repeat the training again. If you change your mind, praise, give treat. You'll need a lot of patience and rigor, but these qualities are necessary in raising a puppy fighting breeds.
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Don't set the puppy on animals and humans even in jest, it could trigger his natural aggression. Strictly train a pit bull, these dogs must feel the authority of the master and to obey him completely. The only way you will save family members, neighbours, passers-by from sudden attacks by aggressive dogs.
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