Regular training a pit bull should include a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the working qualities of the dog. Puppy start to bring up from the first day of its appearance in your home. First, it can be a game during a walk. Gradually, the load must increase.
имена собакам питбуль
While walking make a pit bull run for the bike. Takes him swimming. It is useful for the cardiovascular and respiratory system of the animal, as well as to develop his muscles.
как относится к питбулям?
Gradually begin to train a pit bullusing exercises to foster in this fight. This training is recommended to start at ten-the age of the pet. A year of regular training a pit bull, as a rule, produced so necessary for the breed qualities as agility, perseverance, endurance and strength.
воспитать щенка питбуля не агрессивным
Workout, generating Pitbul endurance, include sessions on the treadmill and the skin. The first training on the treadmill should not take more than 5 minutes. Increase the time gradually to 5 minutes per week until it is equal to 1 hour. For exercises with a skin you will need a long pole with attached at its end skin. Moving skin on the ground, give your pet the opportunity to hunt for her.
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More powerful dog can do weight training. The principle exercise a "Horizontal traction" is that a pit bull tied by a harness with a rubber isolator attached to the tree or pole, trying to get ahead and grab an animal pathogen, which is unattainable from the dog distance. Jumping up (exercise "Vertical thrust") perfectly develop the muscles of the hind limbs pit bull and develop their ligaments. To get the dog to jump is easy - it hang at a distance exceeding the height of the jump pet cage with an animal pathogen.
The main weapon of a pit bull in battle to serve his jaw. Therefore, in order to develop their capacity, include regular training exercise "Ring". It will require a special fixture, which is easy to do with their hands. From a thick piece of rubber make a ring, inside of which miss the thick rope. The end of the rope, cross it over a strong branch of the tree and carefully secure. A pit bull needs, standing up on his hind legs to hang on the ring teeth. This exercise develops not only the strength and depth of the grip of the dog, but the ability to breathe with a closed mouth during strong physical exertion.