Advice 1: How to call Spitz

Friendly, shaggy dogs are very popular today. Not surprising, since dogs of this breed have very good looks, cheerful disposition and good health. For Spitz it is easy to care for, they quickly become attached to the owners and in good conditions can live up to 12-15 years. Spitz gladly respond to sonorous, sonorous names, and at any moment ready to respond to the call to play. How to call Spitz, what nickname is more suitable for this dog?
How to call Spitz
Some kennels or breeders that sell dogs, insist on assigning the puppy his name. Often it can be double or triple, for example, Winols red Shain, and nickname starts with the same letter as the names of the parents. So, buying a Spitz, be prepared for the fact that his dog's documents will indicate the long name. However, nobody will force you to call home a dog that way. You may reduce formal appeal or even to come up with your own.
Despite the fact that since the time of the decision to buy a dog you will begin to think of her names, keep in mind that the right nickname will come to mind only after meeting with the puppy. Also, remember that the name affects the character of the dog as well as on the nature of man, so, before you call your pet, be sure to check the interpretation or translation of the names. For example, breeders claim that the name Haggai (al. "make merry", "holiday") must be an active good-natured dog and is quite suitable Spitz. But the nickname of Richard, deriving from the old Germanic words "rich" and Latin for "strong", "solid", more suitable for large dog breeds.
Of course, it is not necessary to call your pet too popular names. First, it's just not interesting, and secondly, imagine how you will feel when you uttered the dog's name, will result in some more animals. To choose an original name for a dog, see, for example, the history of its origin: once Spitz appeared in Germany, it would be symbolic to name it a German name: Bruno, William, Klaus, Whip, Erich, Anka, Krista, Trudy, etc.
Also pay attention to the appearance and character of Spitz. Perhaps at the sight of the red-haired puppy, you think of the nickname foxy or Sonny, but if your doggie black Blackjack or Night. For a quiet dog fit the name Melancholia (Molly), and for active and nimble Waltz or Movie.
Whatever you decided to call Spitz, it is important that the nickname liked both you and the puppy. If the name is really good, the dog will quickly get used to it and begin to react to it.

Advice 2: How to train a Pomeranian

The Japanese Spitz is a small dog with rather fluffy fur. This is a very active, moving and cheerful animal. In order for the Japanese Spitz looked neat and well-groomed, it should be brushed every day. But mostly to contain the dog breed special work will not make, as it is by nature clean and tidy. Plus, the Japanese Spitz is an extremely intelligent and savvy, which is beneficial to their training.
How to train a Pomeranian
When training Spitz will have to show considerable firmness, and perseverance to show who's the boss. You must also try to show the methodicalness of their actions, so well youto train a Japanese Spitz. And just then this little dog will obey the owner and perform tricks.
Teach a Pomeranian to take the correct exhibition stand. To do this 4-5 weeks regularly put the dog on the table. First, lower the front legs of the pet, then parallel them back. Ensure that Spitz did not let down the tail and not his ears.
During the exhibition the Spitz should be able to show teeth. The main task of the master is to teach the pet not to commit aggression against a member of the jury. For this regularly is exercise. Place one hand on the upper jaw, with two fingers exposing the incisors. Do the same with the other hand. Spitz at the same time, tightly closed their teeth, should not growl.
The movement of the dog during the exhibition of the ring. Spitz should be easy to run close to the owner. His movements with calm, beautiful. Pet should not push ahead, pull the leash. Depending on the varieties of Spitz, the owner must choose the optimum gait for themselves.
Any activity with the dog, try to complete when the team performed most successfully. Praise him, give a favorite treat and take a walk.
Teach a Pomeranian to perform basic commands: "Down!", "Place!" "Sit!", "Next!". Training in this standard. For example, to teach the command "Down!", must be carefully, slowly drag the dog's paws to herself so she took the reclining position.
You can even train an unruly dog, just need to find the animal approach. For example, the dog likes to chase cats, let it be "hot". Ignore all regulations will be "cold". If you apply the interest to the "hot" promote "cold", soon you will notice positive results.
Useful advice
The difficulty lies in the fact that some dog owners is very difficult to figure out what exactly love their four-legged friends. A dog's preferences seem incomprehensible. But it is necessary to combine those of the same race cats and overcoming the agility course map. It is worth to apply and definitely soon you will see the result.

With the dog very fun to play, he loves socializing and company. If the dog will notice on its territory of a stranger, you will certainly start barking, as she is very brave.

Advice 3: How to raise a Pomeranian

Spitz is a friendly companion dogs, so getting a puppy of this breed, keep in mind that it needs constant communication with the man and grow up obedient, well-balanced and well-behaved dog, but only if they will practice regularly, not from time to time. His upbringing is the formation of adequate social contacts that promote normal interaction with humans and their own kind.
How to raise a Pomeranian
Learn patience and tranquility, the only way you can clearly and consistently explain to the dog what is required of her, which is unacceptable, and what gets approved. Keep in mind that this breed is the result of breeding work has developed a pronounced dominance (Spitz thinks he, at least, Napoleon) and anxiety, which in unfamiliar surroundings is manifested by whining and barking, increased activity.
Despite its small size, it can be dangerous if guards the territory. Because the conditions of breeding were quite hard, they use their own characteristic style of attack – from behind and with numerous bites, with their mobility it can be very dangerous for attacked. You must ensure the unconditional fulfilment of all of your teams in order to prevent such situations.
Since childhood, be consistent and don't let your puppy what might be prohibited for an adult dog. Eliminate any manifestation of spoiled, never feed her from the table and don't encourage begging. Stop it barking, although at first it will seem very funny.
The promotion of actions, which then become forbidden, helps to ensure that the Spitz is produced by pronounced hysterical behavior and to manage it without the hard impact becomes impossible. The natural reaction of the dog in this case become a destructive behavior – she begins to chew on shoes, hide under the furniture and bark loudly.
Not to be disappointed in this breed, please contact with the puppy initially, not as a toy. Teach it to three to four months all essential basic commands: "come", "no", "fu", "location", "near", "sit". Focus on prohibiting the team, this will prevent the dog from many dangers.
Your persistence and consistency will help him to quickly understand what is required of him and how he should behave in different situations. A little effort and patience in the first few months will be more than rewarded with exemplary obedience, and it always contributes to the understanding and pleasure of communicating with a dog.

Advice 4: How to cut Spitz

Spitz dog with very thick, fluffy and rather stiff hair. This wool gets dirty easily, falls down, forming mats, cling to it seeds. A neat haircut will help to avoid these problems, facilitate combing and give him a neat, attractive appearance.
Breed standards do not include a haircut Spitz, so if a show dog, her haircut is produced several months before the planned event that the hair has time to grow. For show dogs permitted only small trimming of the protruding ends of wool on the edges of the ears, around the paws and hind legs – from hip to hock. If the participation of Spitz in exhibitions not planned, you can do more short, having curly hair. Remember that removing too much fur can lead to violation of thermoregulation of the dog and the appearance of bald spots on the skin.

Preparing for the haircut

Haircut Spitz begins with a thorough combing of his fur. Pre-all wool slightly moistened with cool water, combing with your fingers, so that water infiltrated in the upper layer of hair and undercoat, rubbed down the dog with a towel. Starting from the head, Spitz comb comb with a few teeth, separated by parting the hair into individual sections. After that, the dog carefully comb massage brush and comb with frequent teeth.

Haircut Spitz

Clippers will need hairdressing scissors with rounded ends and one-sided thinning scissors. At the beginning of the haircut Spitz clean the excess hair from the back of the ears, after which, equal to this length, cut the ends and the front surfaces of the ears. On the anterior surface should not remove too much hair, or ears will visually look bigger than it actually is.

Afterwards, a contour "collar" - remove extra hair behind the head, the sides and c the dog's chest. The length of the removed first straight scissors, trying to give the "collar" rounded shape, and then edge trimmed using thinning shears.

The length of the fur "collar" is used as a reference when cutting the body of the dog. Remove protruding hairs on the shoulder blades, back and side surfaces of the thigh, moving in the direction from head to tail. Thinning shears smooth the hair all over the body.

Tail shear thinning shears alternately from two sides, leaving enough long hair – this creates the illusion of high-rise tail and facilitates the dog he flips him on his back, according to the breed standards. For hygienic purposes is permitted a quite short cut hair at the root of the tail.

Using the slicker to pull the hair up in the front and rear paws of a Pomeranian, and then remove the excess length on leg dog. Then with small scissors cut the shank back and front legs, giving them a rounded shape. Between your fingers the wool can be cut off pretty short, as these places are most susceptible to contamination. General complete haircut trimming the length of the hair around the dog's body with the help of thinning shears.

Advice 5: How to care for a puppy Pomeranian

Spitz is a charming dog that can be a great companion. However, these animals require attentive care, good nutrition and proper education. Taking home a purebred puppy, give it enough time - very soon, your pet will become smart, healthy and well-mannered adult dog.
How to care for a puppy Pomeranian

Food and care

Most importantly, the right nutrition. When buying a puppy ask the breeder diet of the baby. The first few days stick to the usual Spitz mode, then you can gradually change his diet. The puppy can be fed cooked or commercial food. If you stopped on the last option, choose to trade food for puppies, and after 6 months transfer of pet food for juniors. Keep the puppy clean water.

Look for a place to stay pet. Spitz needs to be cozy, protected from the cold and drafty home. It is not necessary to place it near the battery, and also on the aisle. You can buy a comfortable mattress or even a special house - like many tiny dogs, Pomeranians love protected shelter.

Do not allow the dog to get on beds and chairs. A small puppy may fail to jump off them and damage the joints. For the same reason the kid can't drive stairs until he turns six months. To carry the animal for a walk will have on hand. Don't forget that until you have made all the necessary vaccinations, the puppy to go out is impossible.

Different Spitz fluffy, very thick hair. To include it in the order will help the brush and comb with long rare teeth. Since childhood, accustom the puppy to the daily brushing process. Better to do it after eating and walking, when the pet is relaxed and set up friendly.

Raising a puppy

Miniature size Spitz solve one of the most important for the owner of problems going to the toilet. If you do not want in any weather to display the dog on the street, teach him to pan. Purchase a large tray with a mesh and a low side. Need for dog toilet with a column. To accustom will need disposable diapers and a few free days. Spitz are very intelligent and the puppy will soon understand what you want from him. The design needs to be washed after each use and once a week it needs to be treated with special disinfectant solution.

The puppy was active and cheerful, often play with him. Purchase a leash roulette for free-range. Spitz does not need long walks, but loves to run on grass or sand. Buy pet toys for self-entertainment. Better if they are made of latex or natural lived - plastic parts the dog can chew and get hurt.

Don't wait from Spiez perfect obedience - he has a rather independent nature. However, the dog must know its name and some basic commands. While the puppy will learn his nickname, keep it with a leash - pet can easily get lost.

Advice 6: How to feed a puppy Pomeranian

To a small furry lump had grown into a beautiful proud dog that will need a lot of time. Care of dogs – a problem for patient breeders. The puppy should be combed daily, once a fortnight to cut the claws, to ensure that he didn't get hurt. The main thing - not to allow the children to squeeze the creature. Perhaps only in matters of feeding is more or less clear.
How to feed a puppy Pomeranian
Ask the breeder what food the puppy has received before you purchased it. Often together with immunization card, the breeders give the scheme of feeding the puppy.
Translate it to a different food gradually. Remember that dry food is not the basis of the diet. Combine them with natural products.
If the puppy is six to eight weeks, feed him 4-5 times a day. Then the number of feedings will decrease, and the volume of the portions to increase. So, in three or four months feed the puppy 4 times a day, five-seven – 3 times. From seven months, it can be converted to the mode of feeding the adult dog – 2 times a day. Spitz can go for a walk just in case, if after eating it took at least two hours.
Do not overfeed the puppy Spitz, then your apartment wouldn't start "fluffy barrel". Puppies like children, metabolism is very unstable, and only the routine and well-balanced nutrition will help you to avoid mistakes. Even for an adult Pomeranian is not necessary to give a lot of fatty foods.
Spitz unpretentious food, but puppies should be fed only soft food. Cook meat, fish (without bones), vegetables, cereals, eggs. Meat and puppies and adults are fed at the rate of 20-30 grams per day per 1 kg of weight. The total amount of the daily diet of your puppy – 100-150 ml. Vitamins and minerals puppies needed, but give them only after consultation with a veterinarian or breeder.
Be sure to feed your baby dairy products (cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cheese), but only at room temperature and in small portions. Add in cereal, vegetable, no butter, or cook them on the bone or meat broth liquid. Bones can be given only 4-5 months, when dogs have baby teeth change to permanent. No puppy or adult Pomeranian is impossible to give a tubular chicken bones, pieces of beef or pork.
Do not offer your pet food from your table. No meats, sweets should not be included in the diet of the baby. Peas, beans and cabbage, is also prohibited, as they can cause bloating and stomach cramps. In extreme cases, put the puppy in a bowl a spoonful of sauerkraut, but without the spices.
Lay out serving specially designed for small dog dishes – a bowl with low sides. The puppy should not reach for the food, not to spoil the digestion and posture. Provide him a free access to water, pour it in a separate bowl.

Advice 7: How to choose a good puppy Spitz

Pomeranian charming dog with a fluffy coat and independent character. This miniature dog is perfect for the urban population and will become a real decoration of the house. Not to be mistaken with a choice of pet carefully study his pedigree and look to the puppy.
How to choose a good puppy Spitz

What kind of puppy you need

Before you purchase a puppy, decide what kind of pet you are interested in. The most expensive option — the puppies show-class. This is the best kids in the litter, not only have a great pedigree, but having signs of future Champions. Puppies breed-class can participate in exhibitions, but is unlikely to occupy the prize places. However, females can be admitted to breeding and able to produce very high quality offspring.

The most affordable option — animal pet-class. This is the future Pets, and they may not outwardly differ from more-looking animal, at least, to the untrained eye. If you are planning to have a purebred dog "for the soul," choose just the right puppy. Buying it, guided only by your taste and emotions. Selecting future Champions better to invite a specialist who is knowledgeable in the breed.

Decide who you're going to get male or female. Males look more impressive, their hair is more lush and thick. However, males Spitz has a rather independent nature, tend to dominate and not too sweet. Females are more affectionate, they are suitable for families where there are children or other Pets. In addition, they are not prone to running away and the showdown with the other dogs.

Selection criteria

Buy a puppy only from reliable breeders — so you can be sure that is a purebred Pomeranian will not get a hybrid. Inspect the mother of the puppies, check out the pedigree. Of course, your pet will not necessarily be a copy of their parents, much depends on further education, diet and other niceties. If you plan to take the bitch for breeding, ask the breeder how does the mother of the puppies as she is caring, is it easy to manilas.

Rate the appearance of the puppy. For those who plan on breeding dogs, you should choose the largest females — it will be easier to sanitise. Dog is better to choose small — these dogs are often occupied prize-winning places.

Purebred Pomeranian can have 5 options of color. To understand what shade will be the body of the animal in adulthood, pavaresia fluff behind the ears and on the back of the puppy and rate the color of the base of the hairs. The coat should be thick, shiny, with dense undercoat. Bald spots, dandruff, dull colour and hard, protruding erect guard hairs are unacceptable.

Inspect the physique of the puppy. Spitz must be strong in proportion, the legs are of moderate length. The tail is set high, the ears are small, pointed, well worth. Dangling ears indicate the defect in the breed or calcium deficiencies. Make sure the puppy has no discharge from the eyes and ears. Check out the bite — it has to be scissor.

Important and behavior of your future pet. Good Spitz is agile, active, merry, but not aggressive. Dogs attending the fair, must have a particularly steady disposition. Keep in mind that to educate Spitz is not easy, so choose socializeing configured to contact pet.
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