Advice 1: How to put a hen on eggs

In personal part-time farm the Chicks can be deduced in two ways – the use of electric incubators, which are presented in trading in a wide range or sit on eggs chicken hens. To successfully evaporated hen chickens, you should follow certain rules.
How to put a hen on eggs
You will need
  • - nest;
  • - the straw;
  • - fertilized eggs;
  • - candling.
If you are going to evaporate chickens the natural way under a hen-a hen, you should know that not every hen is able to sit on the clutch and successfully to evaporate, that is to survive till the end. This files most often grow out of the hen chickens, evaporated under a hen. Chicks in the incubator, very rarely retain the ability to natural incubation, and attempts to make them the hens do not lead to success.
If you see that the chicken had a desire to sit on the clutch, Dotes, then equip her for breeding. Make a separate nest in a dark place of the house. To do this, bring down the box size of 70x70 cm, place away from bird feeders and perches. If you will boil chickens from under a couple of hens, it is most efficient to separate them from the rest of the chicken population of a fence from mesh-netting. Feed and water hens, all of you will be separate from the rest of the chicken population.
Prepare the fresh eggs. One hen can evaporate approximately 12 eggs and then only if it is quite large. Chickens for broiler hatching eggs are not suitable. Suitable only purebred breeds of egg or meat-egg hens.
All eggsthat you are going to evaporate, it needs to be fertilized, to check them by candling, clean and carried no more than 10 days ago.
Your task is that you have to put in the slot the required amount of eggs, ready to evaporation and plant them on the chicken. Will the hen need to steam or not is not up to you. The most optimal period for incubation is considered to be the beginning of the evening. So put the hen in a prepared socket immediately after the evening feeding, cover, nest wicker basket.
Once a day release the hen for feeding. The first days of incubation, feed the chicken only whole grain and water with clean water.
After 4 days the trash can to remove the chicken since the eggs will not rise. During feeding, a hen running very quickly, eats, drinks and sits down again on the clutch.
If you notice the crushed eggs, then replace them, but it can be done only in the first two or three days.
After 6 days, check the eggs by candling. This is best done during feeding chicken. All eggsin which no embryos, remove.
The Chicks will begin to hatch approximately 21 days after the start of incubation. Use the chicken hen is very convenient, as there is no need to monitor temperature of the incubator and adjust the humidity.

Advice 2 : How the chicken incubates eggs

Sometimes the behavior of the chicken says that she wants to hatch eggs demolished. She Dotes and tries to sit on them. You need to create her to process.
How the chicken incubates eggs
How to create the conditions for laying hens

It is desirable that the nest for the hen was in a far dark place the coop or otherwise reserved for vysadki place where it will not interfere with other birds. For equipment socket you can use a plywood Board size is about 70*70 cm After the nest is ready, it should be placed away from the feeders and perches. If you will be planting not one chicken, it is best to isolate each socket from the other chickens special grid-partition. Feed and care for these chickens also need apart from the others.
How and in what quantities to place eggs under a hen

Before you put the chicken on the clutch, it is necessary to place 15-20 eggs, the number of the latter will depend on the size of the chicken. Definitely need to make sure the eggs were warm and fresh. To put eggs straight from the fridge it is impossible in any case! Periodically, you need to check that the eggs were warm and intact. If discovered broken eggs, they should be replaced, but only in the first few days. The process of planting takes 21 days, while eggs must have a temperature not less than 37.8 per OS. So the egg is evenly heated, the chicken periodically flips its paws. Without the hen eggs can stay for 2-3 hours, and at the end of incubation even 24 hours.
What you need to know when hatching eggs chickens

The best time to put a hen on a clutch – evening period, or rather after the evening feeding. You should bring the bird into the nest and cover it with the basket. The first time a hen let out every day for feeding, and its diet must contain whole grain and pure water. In four days you can already remove the basket of eggs she will not leave. At the time of planting the chicken fast enough eats and goes, as does not leave the eggs for a long time.
If hen is the first planting, it is necessary to observe that it is not pecked chickens. The chicken can damage eggs and even kill Chicks. It may be necessary to pull the chicken out of the shell, this should be done very carefully, can damage his cord. Then you need to include chicken in the house, in a warm place, give it to dry, to get stronger and try to feed.
Sometimes it happens that a hen pushes an egg to the side, it says that there is no embryo or chick measurements, such eggs should be immediately removed.
Good results litter depends primarily on the quality of eggs selected for hatching, as well as the health status of the hen-specific in turn from the feed and the conditions of poultry.
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