In order to prepare a signature soup from trout take one big fish and remove the scales. Gut, removing all the entrails, then rinse under running cold water. Remove the fins, and the rest of the fish cut into small pieces. Pour into a pan of 4 litres of water and boil the mixture. Add the water, 4 tablespoons of salt. Dip in boiling water pieces trout, wait until the water again comes to a boil, and reduce heat. While the fish is cooking, peel three onions, cut into half rings and put in the broth. Add three Bay leaves and seven grains of black pepper. Half an hour later ear is ready. Sprinkle broth, dried dill and eat your ear with biscuits or crackers.
If you decided to fry trout, take one medium fish, remove scales, gut and cut into pieces no thicker than 4 inches. In a shallow dish, pour 7 tablespoons of rye flour. Roll each piece of fish. On the stove heat a cast iron skillet and melt 100 grams of butter. Put the fish pieces into the pan and fry over moderate heat until Golden brown, then flip the slices and cook for the same amount of time. Grilled trout made to drink tea, the brewed leaves, cranberries, berries of rose hips and currants.
Very famous among trout fishermen, cooked on a spit. Choose the big and fat carcass, clean off scales, remove all the innards. Cut the head, tail and fins. The rest of the fish cut into portions. Put them on skewers, salt, pepper and season with your favorite spices. Hold skewer over hot coals, occasionally basting fish with melted butter. Within 25 minutes, the trout will be ready. It is made with baked potatoes and chives.