You will need
  • computer;
  • - software package 1C.
Install the shell 1C. It is the same program, and it's called a wrapper because it needs to be fill with data of your organization — first and foremost, contact details, information about employees, business partners, existing contracts and current account. Fill in all your information sorted and at your discretion. As practice shows, software 1C allows for flexible settings of data, edit them and much more.
Details of the organization you can fill in the section Service — "organization Information" (depending on the version of the program 1C, this section may be labeled differently). Employee data must be entered in the directory of employees, which can be found via the menu item "Reference". Information about partners and suppliers should be entered in the directory accounts, Bank accounts — in the eponymous book.
All the current movements of the money supply on the current account are reflected in the journal "Bank" and "Payment documents". For the account of the goods being magazines "Account", "invoices", "Goods" and realization of the other. The most effective functionality of the program 1C is a wide range of different reports and balance sheets that can make the program on the basis of completed data: trial balance, sales Ledger, purchase Ledger, various reports in tax and social security authorities.
You need to familiarize yourself with the basics of accounting as such — that is, to understand the basics of accounting personnel, the formation of payments in the budget, accounting of goods, money and valuables, and 1C will seem a convenient and simple tool for daily work. It is also worth noting that the Internet presents many options for learning the software.