You will need
  • - the program "1C: Accounting";
  • tutorial on accounting;
  • - practical assignments.
If you came up with the idea independently to learn the skills to work in the program of automation of accounting "1C: Accounting", make sure that your existing skills and knowledge in this area will be enough. You will need to know the chart of accounts, features of the structure of each account, the ability to conduct double entry and understand the principles of reflection of economic operations according to the method, to know and be able to fill properly the documentation, prepare the reporting forms, to have a General idea about what is policy of the enterprise and so on. All of this in fairly General terms, you can learn any courses in accounting.
If in your city there are courses that teach skills in "1C: Accounting", once again think about what it would be better not to educate ourselves. It is quite difficult to study the area, even for experienced accountants with experience, in addition, work in this programme should take into account such features, which can be explored only if you have experience in this field.
If you do decide to study on your own, purchase one of the copies of the latest version and download the quick start guide. Also not be amiss to view the video tutorials.
Mandatory read on the introduction of changes in a particular version of the program, changes the rules of accounting. Also, you may in the process of learning this program will have to use and tax accounting.
The news regarding changes in forms of documentation and timely upgrade of the program. Don't forget to register for the special thematic forums and to read information from alternative sources. In addition, often listen to the advice of more experienced in this field specialists.