There are different training options. You can explore the program independently or with the help of a specialist. Finding a specialist is easy as there are many courses where you can gain the necessary knowledge.

Some people prefer to learn new programs on their own, and someone just no time for attending courses. In order to study the program need a textbook on accounting and accordingly, the program "1C Accounting". Practical tasks will come in handy.

Without certain knowledge in the field of accounting, the person will be difficult to cope with. To understand the training need to know the chart of accounts and be able to fill in all a certain way. Not to be redundant, and courses in accounting. In the work, acquired knowledge and skills will never be superfluous.

If it was decided to study the program, you need to ensure that knowledge in this area will be enough for the job. This area is quite difficult to study. Sometimes even experienced accountants is quite difficult to deal with this program.

It is recommended to download a brief guide to help you quickly master the program. You can also learn by viewing the video tutorials. To study need to know the latest developments related to accounting as well as tax accounting.