Run the program in a mode "Configurator". In the window "Configuration", select "Reports", open its context menu and select "Add". In the opened window enter a name for your report, then click "Open layout diagram data".
Opens the layout Designer" in the list of layouts will be active only one item – "Circuit layout data. In this window you can enter a name for the new schema layout. Click "Finish".
Open the designer window of the schema being created.
First and foremost, you must choose the data sources which will provide information for the report. Click the "Add dataset" in the control panel, then select Add data set - query. Click the "query Builder...".
A window will appear "query Builder". Open the "Register of savings" and click on the register, information from which will be used when generating the report. In the right part of the window will appear selected table by double-clicking table name is to be deployed list of the contained fields. Select those fields that are required for the report. Select thus all the fields needed in the report. Press the OK button.
You now need to select the fields that will be set to the query condition. In the design window layout data, go to the tab "Resources". In the left part of the window presents a list of all fields allowed for use as query conditions, select the desired field and double-click to move them to the right side of the window. For each selected field in the column "Expression" to define the search condition.
Go to the tab "Settings". Click "design layout data. Opened the constructor will allow you to set the report settings. Select "table...", click "Next".
Select all the fields information from which will be displayed in the report and click Next.
Select the fields that will be a grouping of tables, rows and columns of the report, to do this, drag fields into the appropriate sections of the "Table" "Rows" and "Columns". Click "Next".
If necessary, you can select the fields by which the result will be ordered. Press the OK button. Close the designer window layout. Now in the window for creating the report will indicate newly created circuit layout. Click "Next" and finish creating the report. In the corresponding window appears a new report.