What is the "1C"program

In the program "1C" is always played with two main modes: configuration and work with information base. These stages can be run in any order. Mode "Configurator" is required for mode setting, is required for the user program. In the "Configurator" to load a configuration that contains information about the structure of documents and accounting forms. It is the configuration determines the orientation of the software "1C". Configuration includes the following components: a set of constants, the composition and structure of handbooks, forms of operations and transactions, user interface, algorithms, reports and more.

The main work of the user when you run the "1C: Enterprise". Here is the functioning of the system in the desired manufacturing process. In "1C: Enterprise" is entered information are a transaction, generates reports. Users can input and analyze information in accordance with the system configuration.

How to work in the program 1C

The interface of the program "1C" is quite simple and understandable for the user. To get started you need to launch a new version of the program and to connect the information base. In the window that will appear on the screen, you need to set the path to the information database. Then run the program in "1C: Enterprise".

When you first start the program you should see a helper that will help in the correct settings. Definitely need to fill in information about the organization in the "tools" section. In a typical configuration of the desired line is called "company Information", but custom applications may have a different name. Then filled with the reference program. For example, the employee information should be entered in the "Directory of staff".

The Bank details are entered in the line "Bank details", the information about partners is stored in the directory "Counterparts". In the sections "Payment" and "Bank" are filled with data on the current account. All movements on financial transactions will be displayed in the relevant journals. In typical configurations include "Accounts", "Goods" "invoice" for keeping records of produced and sold products. All data entered be sure to check.

Further work with the software "1C" depends on the nature of the application. If you will be working in the application "1C: Accounting", it is necessary to study the standard forms of reports and transactions in the program. When working with a configuration developed to automate the other direction, it is required to study the basic principles of operation in this application. To learn to work with the program independently, by studying the available literature and websites, or attend special training courses in a licensed training center.