Run the program "1C: Enterprise. Open the "Bank" and select the menu item "1C: Enterprise Client – Bank". If you haven't configured the exchange settings, you'll be prompted about setting up. Click "Yes".
Run the setup. Select in the dropdown menu "program Name" certified application that conforms to uses your Bank. For example, many credit organizations use "iBank 2"system.
Next, install the files download and upload to exchange data with the Client Bank. Be sure to check that the links are addressed to different documents. Set the view of documents for data exchange and encoding that matches the operating system of your PC.
Go to "Download". The check box to mark the document types to which you intend to work by downloading the Bank statement. Across from them, mark articles cash flow. Below you select a group of new counterparties. Check the correctness of your changes and click "OK".
Go to system Client-Bank. Open the menu "Settings" and select "General" - "Import data". Specify the format 1C. In the drop-down menu "Method" select "Sync". Install directory for data exchange, which should match those specified in the program 1C.
A similar operation guide section 'Export data'. Verify this and click "Save". Thus, it will be completed to set up communication between the system Client-Bank and the application "1C: Enterprise". When performing any operation in one of these software you can check the correctness of the synchronization and if necessary make corrections.