Advice 1: How to learn to work in the program "1C: Accounting"

Modern accountant program "1C:Accounting" will not do. The developers of the company "1C" has found the approach to all categories of customers, product use and small businesses, and large organizations. It is a multifunctional assistant of accounting of any complexity: from the primary documentation up to the reporting and vault balance.
How to learn to work in the program "1C: Accounting"

Teaching methods

The use of "1C:Accounting" today is so developed that came up with many ways of training in this program:

Courses. In almost every city there are centres, in the list of services which include training programme 1C. For a set amount here, learn how to work in the program, clearly explain the basics of accounting. Obtained theory and practice, all in one.

Learning books. Produced a lot of tutorials and guides on the subject. In this literature, walks you through every action or operation is given a description of the specific configuration and features of work in it.

Demo. Typically drive with the demo version of the program attached to the book-the tutorial. When you start with a computer generated simulation that you are working in this program. Recorded a fictional firm, then you can perform any actions that fall within the competence of the program: to fill in the documents, generate reports, make transactions and to perform other related accounting actions.

Information from the Internet. This includes knowledge of 1C using the Internet-resources: sites, forums, discussions, online publications and magazines, webinars.

Direct work experience. This method is the best of all. When the opportunity to be trained in the process of execution of labour functions, familiarity with 1S will pass quickly and productively.

Starting at the "1C:Accounting"

First need to install the program on hard disk of your computer. Leave it to the expert. After installing in pure 1S will need to bring all the data about the organization, which keeps records, it details the accounting policies used in the work item. If initially all settings are set correctly, then 1C will only work to help the bookkeeper. In one program you can create multiple databases with different firms.

"1C:Accounting" has the ability to process and personnel documents, hiring and dismissal of employees, vacation leave processing, the military account. Initially, all you will need this information put in the program. Periodically it is desirable to make the base files in case you lose information or damage your computer. As well as the changes in legislation and new releases, the program needs to update, correct and update the data.

Since "1C:Accounting" is a development of one of the manufacturer, it has its own tried and tested over time, individual interface and, despite continuous improvements and updates to those who once learned how to work in it, develop a new version will be easy.

Advice 2 : How to work in 1C

"1C: Enterprise" is an application computer program which can be used to automate the various spheres of activity in any enterprise (accounting, HR, Finance, sales, etc.).
How to work in 1C

The computer program "1C:Enterprise" is a system of individual products and components, such as 1C:Trade and warehouse, 1C:Salary and personnel, 1C: Accounting, etc.

In order to efficiently use all features of the software, you need to pay attention to the recommendations of the system contained in the "Tips of the day". In addition, emerging work issues you can refer to the staff, to establish and support a program in the firm.

Additional information can also be obtained in the menu "action", "context menu", in the "help" in the inline description in tooltips. In addition, in the "Settings" you can find additional capabilities of the system.

Software products are continually updated and re-issued. Usually for the timely installation of updates follow service experts. To see the version number installed on a particular desktop computer can call a mode "About" (menu "Help").

Work with 1C starts with running the program on your computer. Immediately after the start of the program there is a "launch Window", choose one of the modes of "1C:Enterprise" (for users) and the Configurator (to the programmer).

When you select "1C:Enterprise" offers an interface that is configured under a specific user (by default, open the menu and standard toolbar). Main menu here for work – "Operation" and "Service".

In General, work with 1C it looks like the choice of the sections in the menu screens. In all configurations there are Windows that help to Orient in them or contain reference information, for example, "help", "workplace", "navigation assistant". You can find them in "help –Panel features - Quick development –Additional information – Starting assistant". Basic steps that will have to work with "1C: Enterprise" is the introduction and adding information to the directory, execution (filling) documents, view statements.

Detailed step by step instructions can be found online on the sites or user forums.

Mode Configuration allows you to create an application solution for a particular enterprise taking into account specificity of its production activities, personnel and financial policies. This regime employs only experts in the field of programming.

Advice 3 : How to learn to use the program 1C

Without the use of program "1C Accounting" very difficult to imagine the work of modern companies. This application helps to simplify many tasks. In order to learn how to use it, you need to make the effort and have the desire. The main thing is to set a goal and try to achieve it, making this all possible.
How to learn to use the program 1C
There are different training options. You can explore the program independently or with the help of a specialist. Finding a specialist is easy as there are many courses where you can gain the necessary knowledge.

Some people prefer to learn new programs on their own, and someone just no time for attending courses. In order to study the program need a textbook on accounting and accordingly, the program "1C Accounting". Practical tasks will come in handy.

Without certain knowledge in the field of accounting, the person will be difficult to cope with. To understand the training need to know the chart of accounts and be able to fill in all a certain way. Not to be redundant, and courses in accounting. In the work, acquired knowledge and skills will never be superfluous.

If it was decided to study the program, you need to ensure that knowledge in this area will be enough for the job. This area is quite difficult to study. Sometimes even experienced accountants is quite difficult to deal with this program.

It is recommended to download a brief guide to help you quickly master the program. You can also learn by viewing the video tutorials. To study need to know the latest developments related to accounting as well as tax accounting.
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