Teaching methods

The use of "1C:Accounting" today is so developed that came up with many ways of training in this program:

Courses. In almost every city there are centres, in the list of services which include training programme 1C. For a set amount here, learn how to work in the program, clearly explain the basics of accounting. Obtained theory and practice, all in one.

Learning books. Produced a lot of tutorials and guides on the subject. In this literature, walks you through every action or operation is given a description of the specific configuration and features of work in it.

Demo. Typically drive with the demo version of the program attached to the book-the tutorial. When you start with a computer generated simulation that you are working in this program. Recorded a fictional firm, then you can perform any actions that fall within the competence of the program: to fill in the documents, generate reports, make transactions and to perform other related accounting actions.

Information from the Internet. This includes knowledge of 1C using the Internet-resources: sites, forums, discussions, online publications and magazines, webinars.

Direct work experience. This method is the best of all. When the opportunity to be trained in the process of execution of labour functions, familiarity with 1S will pass quickly and productively.

Starting at the "1C:Accounting"

First need to install the program on hard disk of your computer. Leave it to the expert. After installing in pure 1S will need to bring all the data about the organization, which keeps records, it details the accounting policies used in the work item. If initially all settings are set correctly, then 1C will only work to help the bookkeeper. In one program you can create multiple databases with different firms.

"1C:Accounting" has the ability to process and personnel documents, hiring and dismissal of employees, vacation leave processing, the military account. Initially, all you will need this information put in the program. Periodically it is desirable to make the base files in case you lose information or damage your computer. As well as the changes in legislation and new releases, the program needs to update, correct and update the data.

Since "1C:Accounting" is a development of one of the manufacturer, it has its own tried and tested over time, individual interface and, despite continuous improvements and updates to those who once learned how to work in it, develop a new version will be easy.