You will need
  • Possession of a laptop at a primitive level
Don't try to find the button to call the menu of the monitor on the laptop. Since display and keypad are connected together, for them there is simply nowhere to stay. To open the settings window the brightness of the laptop, press the Fn key (usually located in the lower left corner) and hold the F key(F5) with the image of the sun.
You need to configure the brightness. Make it a little higher if you want to make the laptop screen brighter. But do not overdo it: excessive brightness of the monitor affect your vision not the best way. Another setting – the contrast. If you think that the contrast on your display is not the most pleasant for you, change it. But also do not forget that very clear image and text is difficult perceived by the eyes.
The same effect you will achieve if you go in the menu "start" - "control Panel". Among the topics that appears, choose "System and security, then power options. On laptops that support changing the display brightness you can change the brightness of the screen.
To adjust the brightness of the laptop screen and through the driver settings of the graphics card. Most of the latest have a choice of different image options. To enter these settings, go to "control Panel" - "Display" (or click right click on desktop – "Properties", go to tab "Options", there click "Advanced". Among the suggested tabs to find the one that matches the settings of the graphics card. Usually it coincides with the name of the last. Look there for the settings of color correction and choose the suitable brightness.
The colors on the laptop you have always arranged, but suddenly the screen dimmed? Do not rush to contact the tech center, maybe you just...disconnected the device from charging. Most laptopsbeing plugged in, the light is brighter. If "recharge" is not, but the dim light does not suit you, adjust the charger settings or change the mode of energy supply.
If none of the above options does not help, probably problem with the video card or the monitor. Then you have to seek help from professionals.