Click "System and security" in control panel and inside section, open the "power options". Find the tab "change plan settings". You will see the time settings screen dimmer. Specify in what mode should work blackout: when running on battery or when running on the network.
To increase or decrease the brightness using the keyboard. Find on my laptop the keys on which is drawn the icons of increase and decrease of brightness and press "Fn". When the key is pressed can be adjusted with the buttons brightness of the screen.
To adjust the brightness of the laptop can be in the system. Go to control panel, click System and security" and then select "power options".
Locate the brightness setting of the screen and move the pointer in accordance with the fact whether you want to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. On some laptops this pointer is missing or unavailable — this means that you need to reinstall the monitor driver or update it from Windows updates. Also can happen that your model of laptop does not support changing the brightness of the screen.