To the colors on the monitor pleasing to our eyes, we need to calibrate the monitor. To do this, use the Adobe Gamma utility, which is part of Adobe Photoshop. But before you begin the process, you need to make sure that the computer is not running other similar utilities.
First you need to warm up the monitor 15-30 minutes and set gray to your desktop. Run Adobe Gamma and select the calibration wizard (the easier option). Then choose "color profile" - best profile from the manufacturer (windows/system32/spool/drivers/color). The process has begun. Click on "Next" and set the contrast of your monitor to the maximum. But the brightness of the exposed to a small square inside a large he was almost black, but slightly lighter big.
Followed by setting the correct gamma correction. For this you need to set Windows Default (the tab at the bottom) and tick " View Single Gamma Only. The mouse can achieve a result in which the gray square will blend in with the background.
Then click on "Next" and set the monitor's color temperature. In the window, and the monitor put 6500K.
After this work, it is possible to evaluate the calibration result. To do this click "Next" and through the buttons Before and After to compare the image before and after calibration. The obtained profile should be retained, and the Adobe Gamma utility in any case do not remove.