Advice 1: How to change the screen brightness

Not always the standard brightness of the monitor can provide high-quality playback of images. Brightness setting allows you to improve the perception of information, provides a more realistic color representation for images. There are several ways to change the brightness of the monitor.
How to change the screen brightness
Monitor settings special calibration programs
These programs allow you to get the best settings for your monitor. Typically, these programs require special devices, which are fixed in front of the monitor for the reading of the brightness level to automatically change the monitor settings.
Adjust the brightness manually
Virtually every monitor has special controls located on the front panel of the monitor, which change the brightness and contrast of the image. But it must be remembered that this method is less effective than adjusting the brightness with the help of special programs.
Most monitors have a standard notation brightness but some models have a different number and arrangement of buttons. Consequently, to change brightness, you have to carefully study a guide to using the monitor.

Advice 2 : How to adjust screen brightness

The brightness of the screen of the monitor or the brightness of the image transferred on it can be configured in several ways. If a conventional display is more or less clear, with portable computers usually it is harder because they have no special menu button.
How to adjust screen brightness
You will need
  • The user's guide.
Locate on the front panel of the monitor button that controls the image settings screen. They can also hide in the bottom of the monitor, side and so on, depending on the model. Many monitors support control using the touch buttons.
Look through the settings menu the brightness of the screen, usually they are marked with special icons. To navigate through the menus and settings use the buttons to increase or decrease the volume, arrow keys and so on. Learn more about the functions of the control settings from the front panel of the monitor, read the user manual that usually comes with the equipment, also you can download it on the website of the manufacturer.
Note the presence of your display settings for a particular mode of using the device for reading, watching movies, working with graphics and so on. You can choose one of them according to your preferences. To set up your own profile, which you can save, you can customize the special item in this menu that takes into account your preferences regarding the brightness of the screen.
Adjust the brightness of the screen utility to manage your adapter. You can find it in the list of installed programs or from the control menu on the video card in the desktop settings.
If you have a netbook or laptop, use the Fn key, which in combination with the arrow buttons or buttons from the top panel keys F1-F12 adjusts the brightness of the screen of the monitor. To do this, look on the keys a special icon denoting the settings of brightness. Also the relative control parameters of the monitor of the laptop read the user guide.
Useful advice
Do not make the maximum brightness of the monitor in dim light or the absence of additional light source.
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