The simplest and most popular way to reduce the brightness of the laptop monitor is using a combination of special keys located on the keypad of the device. They do not depend on any drivers and work in the vast majority of operating systems. In order to reduce the monitor brightness, press the Fn key and hold, press the button marked with dimming (located on the arrows or on the function keys). Fn button, in turn, is specially designed to work in combination with other keys, which saves a lot of space.
To reduce the brightness of the screen as possible, resorting to the special settings of your computer. To do this, click "start" and launch the "control Panel" Windows. In the "control Panel" select label "Screen". Decrease the brightness of the laptop is made by moving a special slider to the left (or down). In Windows 7 this setting can be found with the help of standard search for "screen Brightness". The reduction is also performed using a slider.
In addition to the above methods, the screen brightness can be reduced in the settings of the graphics card. Go to the settings of the video card you can either select "Properties" from the context menu of the desktop, or by right-clicking the driver icon located in the system tray. Dimming is achieved by moving the appropriate slider to the left.