If you need to increase the brightness of the monitor on an Acer laptop press the Fn and right arrow keys. This feature is available only for those models with the scan code for the Fn keys.
Also, use the change screen brightness via the menu of power modes. To do this, click the right mouse button on the desktop, select "Properties". On your screen a window will appear with multiple tabs, select the one which is responsible for saver settings.
Open the "power options" and adjust change the brightness of the screen in different modes, save and apply the changes. Also note, that often happens when you change the working of power supply circuits with low to normal does not change the backlight brightness of the screen, in this case, you'd better set the same backlight level for both modes, not to change the settings in the future.
If you need to change the brightness of the backlight, and the parameters of the image itself, go to the Settings tab, click on the "Advanced" button in the lower left corner of the window. You will have a menu module setup connect monitor. Click the tab that says the name of your graphics card.
Click on the "Graphics specifications". You will have a new window of settings of the graphics card. Select the ones responsible for setting brightness of the monitor and color. Adjust the settings of their choice, save and apply changes.
Download and install the computer software to assign functions to some keyboard shortcuts, for example MediaKey. Open it and select action change the brightness of the monitor when you press Fn with any other, preferably with the arrow keys left and right, apply and save the changes.