The tips below will allow you to improve the quality of displaying picture on the monitor make the colors more natural, relieve eye strain from excessive brightness. But they are not a Handbook for professional calibration of your monitor.
Find the menu change brightness and contrast of your monitor. Most likely on the front or side panel, you will find the Menu button. Click on it.
Near Menu needs to be some buttons that allow you to navigate through the menu. For example, it may be keys with arrows.
In the General menu scroll down to "Brightness/Contrast". Both of these options are usually in one section.
Menu of your monitor can be represented by icons without any signatures. The parameter "Brightness" is usually depicted either in color or black-and-white schematic sun. And the parameter "Contrast" is indicated in the form of a circle, square or other geometric shapes divided into two parts by a vertical line. One of the parts of such icons often are highlighted in white, the other black.
For ease of configuration the settings for "Brightness" and "Contrast" can be placed on the front or side panel of the monitor in the form of individual buttons.
Proceed directly to configuring. Take a sheet of plain white paper. Put it on your Desk in front of the monitor. Open a blank document in Notepad. This is to ensure that you could assess how you see a white color on your monitor.
Move the slider for the Brightness setting as long as the white color on the monitor will not be similar with the color of the sheet in front of you. It's completely subjective perception, in which the main and the only criterion is it is your opinion. Not advice from strangers who are not going to work for the same monitor.
In order to successfully adjust the contrast, choose two photographs: a man in a completely white shirt and a man in a plain black shirt. Move the slider "Contrast" until then, until it becomes clearly visible creases on both shirts. If necessary, again adjust a little brightness.
Perhaps at first you will seem that the monitor became dull or yellowish. It's an optical illusion after too high a standard brightness settings.