To increase the brightness of the monitor press the "start" button, go to "control Panel", then "System and security". Open the "power options" and change the settings the screen brightness by moving the slider to the right side in a convenient position. You can also change the brightnessby clicking on desktop on the right mouse button. Select "Properties", click the "Settings" tab. Change the resolution of the screen, increasing brightness.
In the same Settings tab, click Advanced. In the window that appears, find the button with which you will be able to enter graphical information to change the setting of the monitor module. To do this, open the tab with the name of your graphics card, select the characteristics that are responsible for the brightness of the monitor. Enter the parameters in its sole discretion, save and apply. In some models, the notebook is a window you can open by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F12.
Download online program, for example, Media Key, which is responsible for setting functions some keyboard shortcuts. In modern models of laptops , the brightness can be set using the Fn button and the right arrow or the function keys (F1-F12). Note that this function is available for models that have the scan code for the Fn button.
If your laptop does not support the specified format settings, update the drivers. You can download them freely available on the manufacturer's website or download from the installation disc included in the package of the laptop. Many official drivers support automatic configuration of images on the screen. Note that the setup using the special calibration programs are much higher quality than the settings manually. At the same time changing the backlight settings of the monitor.