You will need
  • System change the brightness of the laptop monitor.
To change the brightness, press the menu "start" - select "control Panel" in the opened window select "System and security" - paragraph "power supply". If your laptop supports software change the brightness of the monitor, then in the opened window you will see a slider, which leads to an increase or decrease brightness.
Move the slider to the right will increase brightness, and left side, respectively, a decrease of brightness. If your laptop does not support this feature (programmatically change the brightness of the monitor can be changed using the function keys laptop – Fn and brightness icons, which are located usually on the arrows of the keyboard.
In order to save more electricity and extend the life of the battery, your operating system will automatically dim the monitor after a certain period of time. You can change the values of these parameters. They are set in the same window "power options Properties". Also in this window, you can set parameters not only for the mode of operation from the battery, but also from the network. After changing the power settings on the laptop, save the changes. After clicking the "OK" button will automatically change these settings.