Hand over the General analysis of blood and find out the level of lymphocytes. It is worth noting that in children and adolescents the level of lymphocytes higher than that of adults, so even if the indicators above 37% in blood, delivered a baby, do not panic.
The increase in the level of lymphocytes is most often associated with diseases of viral etiology (not all), and it declines gradually happens by itself, if you just consult your doctor and follow his recommendations. In addition, this level may increase in various forms of tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, brucellosis. Do not start the disease in time and take care of the reduction in the number of lifotsitov in the blood to avoid developing complications such as lymphoma or lymphosarcoma.
Take antibiotics and sulfonamides, in accordance with the rate designated by physician or infectious disease. To reduce the impact of side effects from antibiotics on the body take 2 times a day one tablet Kars - drug of plant origin cleansing the liver.
Install a proper diet. Eat more foods rich in protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk). Don't forget the fats (best suited sunflower or olive oil). Don't start your day without Breakfast, during which it is best to eat a good portion of porridge with milk than choke down a hastily sandwich. If possible, eat as many fruits and vegetables. Do not smoke or abuse alcohol.
Try at least for the time it will take to reduce the level of lymphocytes in the blood, to avoid heavy physical and mental stress. If you they are needed in professional terms (e.g. in sports or in continuous research activities), revise a schedule of your workouts or laboratory classes.
Do not lower the lymphocyte level below the maximum permissible values (22%). If the tests show a sharp decline, go back through the examination to exclude cancer, preinfarction condition, blood disease and AIDS.