There are several tools used in the home, which will help to increase the number of lymphocytes in blood at their reduced level. If specific causes are not identified and the specialist did not prescribed any other treatment, you can increase the level of lymphocytes in blood by use of a large number of products of red beet, currants, pomegranates, red apples. Will also improve the condition of the blood regular intake of nuts and dried fruits. Some experts recommend taking a daily 50 grams of high quality red wine.
Please refer to alternative medicine. There are special homeopathic medicines that are assigned to a professional homeopath, which when applied after a certain time, gently bring the blood counts back to normal. Also normalizes the blood decoction of barley, which is prepared in the proportion of half Cup of barley in two cups of water. Simmer barley until until half the water has boiled off. Will help to restore blood regular consumption of the beverage from chicory, steamed buckwheat.Good help and plant imunostimulyatorov, adaptogens, such as eleuthero, Rhodiola rosea.
Immunity and, consequently, normalization of leukocytes in the blood, contribute to simple exercise: Jogging, gymnastics, fitness etc. exercise is recommended for fresh air in the forest. However, you need to avoid fatigue and stress - if they fill the life of man, he will best help lasting for at least two weeks rest and relaxation. Man in a state of chronic stress may need the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.