You will need
  • To reduce blood leukocytes, you must first treat the underlying disease, and aid in strengthen the body traditional medicine offers the following components:
  • - horsetail;
  • - tern;
  • - dead bees;
  • - propolis;
  • - medical alcohol 70%.
This herb contains a huge amount of silicon, which is conducive to the reduction of leucocytes of blood. It is recommended in the season to take the freshly extracted juice of horsetail 3-4 tablespoons 3 times a day on an empty stomach. In winter, take a decoction of horsetail. Take 1 tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos overnight. Over the next day drink this infusion at 2-3 SIPS on an empty stomach.
Very useful to cleanse the blood and improve immunity tincture of thorns. Put the sloe berries under pressure for 24 hours, then pour water at the rate of 2 cups of water per 1 kg of berries, leave for a day. Then add 1 liter of water, 250 grams of honey or sugar, stir, put on small fire and bring to a boil. Then strain and take 50 ml 3 times a day before meals. Store in the refrigerator no more than 3 days.
Bee subpestilence is a powerful and diverse therapeutic agent, including with high content of leukocytes in the blood. Take 0.5 liters of bees, folded into a 1.5 litre jar, fill to top of banks 70% medical alcohol. Put on a 21-day infusion, then strain through cheesecloth and squeeze the bees dilute the filtrate 1:1 with clean water and for every litre of infusion add 100 grams of a 30% tincture of propolis. Take a tablespoon 3 times 30 minutes before a meal. The course of treatment 3-3,5 months.
To prepare a 30% tincture of propolis take 30 grams of propolis, keep it in the freezer for better grinding, and then grate on a grater, pour 70 grams of 70% alcohol and insist 3 weeks in a dark place.